«Church Fathers’ Responses to the Challenges of Artificial Intelligence», Vladimir Cvetkovic. Encuentros CIC

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10 mayo, 2023 - 12:30 pm


10 mayo, 2023 - 1:30 pm


Sala Luis Caballero, K 208, Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá   Ver mapa

En el marco de los Encuentros CIC de Artes y Humanidades 2023-1, Vladimir Cvetkovic, profesor visitante de la Maestría en Estudios Clásicos de la Universidad de los Andes ofrece la charla «Church Fathers’ Responses to the Challenges of Artificial Intelligence».


The lecture explores the possibility of employing the doctrines developed by the Church Fathers in solving a number of contemporary questions in the application of artificial intelligence. I will first point to the employment of AI in the surveillance and security systems, autonomous weapons, such as killer drones and robots, and public administrations. Next, I will argue that in spite of the ethically problematic AI employment, it is possible for AI to acquire some very positive knowledge about humankind that is consistent with the principles of Christian, and particularly patristic anthropology. From being employed in these three sectors, AI may acquire the knowledge about the principal dogmas of the Christian Church, namely the dogma of divine incarnation in the human form, the dogma of the death of God on the cross and his subsequent resurrection and the dogma about the equally of humankind in front of God. Next, my focus will shift to four artificial intelligence (AI) questions regarding: a) the consequences of rapid intelligence explosion or the fast ‘take off’, b) the ontological status of cyborgs and uploads, c) the future relations of artificial superintelligence and humanity, and d) the way of aligning the goals of super intelligent machines and humanity. I argue that patristic doctrines about God as Creator who creates humanity according to his image and likeness, about the soul-body relationship originating from the Origenist controversies, about the Chalcedonian definitions of two unconfused and undivided natures of Christ known as Dyophysitism, and about the Dyothelite doctrine of will as natural and personal capacity may be applied in solving above mentioned questions.

Fecha: miércoles 10 de mayo de 2023

Hora: 12:30 p.m.

Lugar: sala Luis Caballero, bloque K segundo piso, Universidad de los Andes.

Participa: Vladimir Cvetkovic, Universidad de los Andes

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